Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Jessica Stam Glam Shoot

Jessica Stam is so beautiful! I love this shoot; the 60's inspired hair is so AMAZING! Definitely using this hair style for the next photoshoot that I do. I am planning a shoot coming up and was looking for inspiration when I found these photos on I am going to replicate the hair and use some great looking vintage clothes on my model. Can't wait to show you how it turns out!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Sweet! Member's Only Leggings Giveaway

Le Blog De Sushi, a really cool fashion blog that I love and follow is giving away a pair of Member's Only Velvet Leggings. All that you need to do is go to this page and leave a comment with your email address and which color you'd like. Good Luck and go check out this blog, it's fabulous!

Contest Ends September 30, 2009. Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Denim on the Runway SS10

I love denim and I always have. Denim always conveys a casual cool and is a mainstay in California style. I live in L.A. and not a day goes by where you don't see tons and tons of it. Looking at the Twenty8Twelve collection for spring I couldn't help but notice all of the denim that has graced its runway. Very modern and hip version of denim

Denim on the runway: Twenty8Twelve


Denim Mini Vest

Styled Jumpsuit

Denim Mini Dress

Friday, September 18, 2009

Amazing 60's Fashion Blogs

Being a lover of vintage, I take most of my style ques from eras past. Everyone has a favorite decade to draw influence from mine is the 60's-70's; I get super excited when I find blogs that dedicate themselves to this period of time. I love to pick up vintage magazines when I find them, but my collection is still in it's infancy. That's where the blogs come in, these blogs have an amazing vintage collection of photos from time passed.

My Favorite 60's fashion Blogs are Child of the Moon and (Diet) Coke and Sympathy.
These blogs are great!If you love fashion from the 60's go check them out!

Child of the Moon has features everyone from Audrey Hepburn to photographers like Norman Parkinson to Mia Farrow and the list Continues!

Here is a little sample of what Child of the Moon offers:

The author of (Diet) Coke and Sympathy is obsessed with Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg (great fashion icons to be obsessed with) and sometimes does other posts of influential people from the 60's.

Here are some samplings from (Diet) Coke and Sympathy:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ooh La La, Marc Jacobs Love


I really love Marc Jacobs! The clothes are always AMAZING! There is something more than just the clothes, it's the attitude. It's the attitude of the ads with Juergen Teller's photos, it's the attitude of Marc Jacobs himself. I think I love him so much solely on the fact that he is such a non conformist and he wears a skirt, he has a shitload of crazy cool tattoos, he does things that are not expected. I can relate. I LOVE Marc Jacobs, I really am obsessed!

The spring collection is amazing! A mix of 90's prints, bright colors, crop tops and bows. Super bright, pattern on pattern styling. LOVE!

Marc Jacobs SS09

Monday, September 14, 2009

SS09 Obsession-Gary Graham

So many great things are coming out of Fashion Week! Here is a collection that really caught my eye; Gary Graham SS09 collection is so romantic and whimsical, it really exemplifies spring. I love how everything flows and floats.

Gary Graham SS09

Love the Military influence in this one.

A very romantic way to wear plaid

Super whimsical and Flowy.

Great combination of Textures

Simple yet romantic.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Spring 2010: drawing Vintage Inspiration

Thinking about fashion week boggles my mind. We are entering fall right now and spring collections are being shown, it will be 6 or so months until spring collections actually get shown to the masses. Staying on top of what is going on in fashion is fun and a great inspiration for me when I go vintage shopping. New collections inspire me when I am creating, I love taking influence from the shapes and colors that I see in fashion.

Fashion week started yesterday and there are only a few collections out to choose from so I am going to show you all my favorite vintage inspired outfits.

Vintage Inspiration

Elle Tahari Spring 2010

Yay jumpsuit! Have I mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the jumpsuit? Of corse, the jumpsuit gets most of it's inspiration from the 80's.

Vena Cava Spring 2010

This outfit is so 90's with the corset top and body con fit. Love the paint splatters, also super 90's.

Prabal Gurung Spring 2010

I love this one! It reminds me of a cross between the 40's and the 80's. The 40's because of the polka dots and length of this dress; the 80's because of the big huge bow on the neck. Very cool mix!

Organic By John Patrick Spring 2010

This is like a 1940's sundress. It looks like a perfect and easy dress to throw on for spring. Love the lavender flowers on a white background.

Monique Lhuiller Spring 2010

This Dress is a modern version of the 70's disco dresses; the biggest difference is the length of the dress, it is much shorter. I love how the sleeves are loose and draped, a great reinterpretation of the disco dress.

Organic By John Patrick Spring 2010

Definitely draws from the 80's with the high waisted pants and the gold loose top that accentuates the shoulders. Love!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One day till fashion week & New Vintage on the Etsy shop

New York fashion week starts tomorrow! YAY! I will give updates on my favorite collections and trends for Spring 2010 as the week continues. Very Exciting Stuff! I can't wait to see all of the new collections so I can pick vintage that is similar to the new trends. It's funny because most new fashion is inspired by vintage styles.

The documentary Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton is great to watch to see how collections are inspired and how they come up with the ideas. There is one part of the movie where they find a purple vintage shirt and recreate pieces that are inspired by one shirt, so it really shows that many collections are inspired directly by vintage clothes. (watch trailer here)

I had to interrupt the fall fashion recap to show you all the treasures that are about to go up on the Etsy shop this week! There are some really cool pieces that will be great for fall! A mixture of dresses, skirts and jumpsuits from different eras.

The Hippie Collection is almost sold out! Be sure to check it out before it's all gone!

Brown Floral Accordion Skirt

This skirt has accordion pleats in it, hard to tell from the pic. Its like the Marilyn dress, but from the 70's

Polka Dot Halter Jumpsuit
Super cute jumpsuit from the 80's

Safari Button up Vest top
This top is from the 90's but has a super classic cut that's great any season

Princess Accordion Dress
This formal dress is Awesome! Equipped with shoulder pads and a great accordion detail on the bottom half of the dress. Super Classy!

100% Silk Pink Pastel Jumpsuit
100% Awesome! This jumpsuit is AMAZING on, super comfortable and silky.

Vintage Saks Fifth Ave Cardigan and Dress Combo

A really great fitting, comfortable and cute outfit perfect for any occasion

Grunge Baby Doll Dress
Straight up from the 90's, an authentic baby doll dress that looks great with boots.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Fall 09 Fashion Faves

Only 3 more days to go until Spring '10 fashion week in NYC!

Today I'm going to switch it up a little bit; instead of showing different trends, I am going to show one of my favorite designer's collections. The Organic by John Patrick collection first caught my eye with the clothes and outfits and how they were styled together, I would definitely wear all of the pieces in this collection; when I realized that this collection is organic I was in love!

When I think of organic clothing the first thing I think of is yoga wear. It is refreshing that there is an organic line that is super hip and stylish. It is really great to see this as someone who's diet consists of organic foods and who goes out of their way to stay away from chemicals and practically anything that is un-natural. This collection is simple yet sophisticated, a subtle and smart hint of sexy.

Organic by John Patrick Fall 09' Collection

I am indeed a huge fan of the mini dress. The gold and brown colors are amazing! Love the shoes and socks combo!

Love the looseness of this top and how the beige color of the top goes so well with the gray skirt. The shoes are also really great!

The same mini as above paired with a great over sized sweater.

There's something about a jumpsuit that is so sexy!

Love the chic 60's vibe of this outfit. That cardigan is amazing and has a subtle hint of sparkle and glam. I always am a fan of a great floppy hat!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fall 09 Fashion Favorites Continued

Since it is only a matter of days until New York fashion week starts, I am going to celebrate by recapping all of my favorite looks and trends for the Fall 2009 season. Fashion week is one of my favorite times of the year. I am amazed by the creativity of fashion designers; I imagine it would be a challenge to think of new pieces twice a year. I can't wait to see what they come up with for spring!

Biker Chick Chic
I am always a sucker for the biker look; it brings out the bad ass in me. Making it's second run on the runway for fall 09.

Yigal Azrouel RTW Fall 09

I really love the top in this look! Very gauzy, and I love the little splash of color! Add a pair of leather skinnys and a pair of boots and you're well on your way to becoming that bad ass version of yourself. Simple and fabulous!

Temperly London RTW Fall 09

It's biker chic made feminine with this look. That dress is fabulous! I love how the top of it is lacy with fringe hanging for the sleeve, top it off with a leather vest and great studded heels. LOVE those heels!

Katy Rodriguez RTW Fall '09

A much looser version of the bad ass biker, this ensemble of course has the leather jacket. I love that in fall 09 the shoulder pad has it's moment, although this jacket doesn't really have shoulder pads, I'm digging the little sleeve poof. The looseness of this outfit really comes from the harem pants which were also a new addition to fall 09. The tight fitting lace top is perfect with the harem pants. Love the ankle boots. And the gloves really top off this look.

More to come on the Countdown to Fashion Week!