Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ooh La La, Marc Jacobs Love


I really love Marc Jacobs! The clothes are always AMAZING! There is something more than just the clothes, it's the attitude. It's the attitude of the ads with Juergen Teller's photos, it's the attitude of Marc Jacobs himself. I think I love him so much solely on the fact that he is such a non conformist and he wears a skirt, he has a shitload of crazy cool tattoos, he does things that are not expected. I can relate. I LOVE Marc Jacobs, I really am obsessed!

The spring collection is amazing! A mix of 90's prints, bright colors, crop tops and bows. Super bright, pattern on pattern styling. LOVE!

Marc Jacobs SS09


  1. That is an explosion of colour! Those shiny gold and silver bags look like LV. It's funny because bags from his previous collections looked like Chanel.

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