Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Fall 09 Fashion Faves

Only 3 more days to go until Spring '10 fashion week in NYC!

Today I'm going to switch it up a little bit; instead of showing different trends, I am going to show one of my favorite designer's collections. The Organic by John Patrick collection first caught my eye with the clothes and outfits and how they were styled together, I would definitely wear all of the pieces in this collection; when I realized that this collection is organic I was in love!

When I think of organic clothing the first thing I think of is yoga wear. It is refreshing that there is an organic line that is super hip and stylish. It is really great to see this as someone who's diet consists of organic foods and who goes out of their way to stay away from chemicals and practically anything that is un-natural. This collection is simple yet sophisticated, a subtle and smart hint of sexy.

Organic by John Patrick Fall 09' Collection

I am indeed a huge fan of the mini dress. The gold and brown colors are amazing! Love the shoes and socks combo!

Love the looseness of this top and how the beige color of the top goes so well with the gray skirt. The shoes are also really great!

The same mini as above paired with a great over sized sweater.

There's something about a jumpsuit that is so sexy!

Love the chic 60's vibe of this outfit. That cardigan is amazing and has a subtle hint of sparkle and glam. I always am a fan of a great floppy hat!

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