Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Salon Mystique on Etsy now offering Vintage!

The Hippie Collection

I LOVE vintage clothes and am very happy to announce that I will be offering up some of my vintage finds on my etsy shop! ( The collection of vintage that I am showing is from late 60's, early 70's. This era is always in style because of the new found freedom that represented these times. It is the essence of Hippie, Earth Child and Rock & Roll.

The Hippie Collection is inspired by artists like Devendra Banhart and Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan and were selected especially to embody the spirit of renaissance and freedom of thought. All of these pieces are very earthy and can be accompanied with modern pieces for a modern feel.

This collection is reminiscent of the styles worn at summer festivals found at Check them out here.

More pics coming soon...

These pieces will be available for purchase on Sept. 3, 2009. Here is a sneak peek:

Orange Geometric Tunic

Green Embroidered Hippie Top

Striped Earth Jacket

Native Fringe Top

Native American Eagle Dress

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