Friday, April 23, 2010

VTG Shopping Guide- MCM Vintage Home Accessories

Finally moved in! Now to add the last little touches... accessories!

A quick and easy way to update or change up your interior is to add new or different accessories. The best things about vintage home wares is the low impact they have on the environment and the fact that each piece is unique and you won't find it at a chain store or anything like that.   Of course, one my favorite design periods is the mid century era.  I have scoured Etsy for the coolest vintage MCM accessories around. Enjoy!

Found Around the House - Misc.Vintage Awesomeness

Vintage table lamp - metal - glass ball - gold tone - mid century
available at moxiethrift

when jack kerouac was sweating over the keys, he kept cool with one of these
available at undeadtrash

vintage FUNCTION AND ART wooden shelf
available at FromGraytoGold

Only Time will Tell- The Coolest Clocks

Vintage Eames Era Howard Miller Wall Clock
available at thevintagesupplyco

Vintage Yellow Clock
available at bettysvintagepearls

GLOBE perpetual calendar
available at littlebyrdvintage

Basket Case- Wicked Wire Baskets

mid century gold Italian wire nesting bowls
available at kikimacey

Silver Plated Square Basket
available at findingfabulous

Vintage Silver Wire Scalloped Basket
available at ThisOldHouseDress

Quaint and Quirky- Cool, Unique Decor

LARGE Sculptural Jack
available at sweetshorn

US Mail / Air Mail Organizer
available at hutchvintage

Talk to the hand....porcelain glove mold
available at southrosewindow

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