Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mighty Boosh Fashion Ques

One of my top favorite shows of all time has to be The Mighty Boosh. It is similar to Flight of the Conchords being that every episode has some sort of song that is relevant to the story line, the main difference is that the Boosh stories are mostly fantasy adventures.  It is hilarious and a must see for those who are big fans of dry, quirky British humor.

The two main characters, Vince Nior and Howard Moon are the perfect foils. Vince is a dedicated follower of fashion, is super trendy, quite fickle when it comes to keeping one style and is sometimes referred to as the sunshine kid. Howard, on the other hand is the darker one, is a poet and a writer, loves jazz and when it comes to fashion, likes to keep it plain and simple.

Mighty Boosh Fashion Favorites:

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