Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Party Solutions- DIY wishing tree

 Ahh, alas summer is here! It's the season of dads (yeah, that was last week) grads, weddings, babies and birthdays. Occasions that call for parties! yay! If you got stuck with party planning, (or just love to plan parties) here is a cute, unique and cheap memento that you can put together easily. It's a beautiful centerpiece made with Manzanita branches where guests can hang tags which they have written their best wishes for guest of honor.

It's more creative than a guest book and after the party, the tags can be removed and placed in a scrapbook! Easy, beautiful way to impress the guest of honor and all of their friends! It's a win, win!

Wishing Tree Etsy Shopping guide:
 Wire baskets

Silver or Gold?

Tree Tags
 Find some fabulous tags for any occasion!

1) Hearts: Perfect for a wedding, shower or birthday party

2) Sophisticated Custom Tags for any fancy occasion

3) Perfect Tags for a sunny summer party

Citrus Summer Tags- Set of 24
By ThePaperPlace

4) Fun and funny, perfect for a guy or your most sarcastic friend's wish tree

5) For your friend who likes the finer things in life:
Cheers! Have a great time at the party while the compliments roll in!!

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