Friday, June 25, 2010

For the Love of Ties! Tying the Tie Knot

Que the photo montage of fashionable women in ties:

 Classic, Cool Military look. Somehow so fresh and modern

Annie Hall/ Kate Moss show some tie love

The infamous skinny tie!

The controversial nude Jen GQ cover, includes a tie!

 Gwen includes ties on occasion

Well, how do you tie a tie anyway????

Meet Matt, he really likes ties- scratch that- he LOVES ties, so much in fact that he has a dedicated a whole blog entirely to ties! (pun intended) Tiepedia has all the tie information that anyone would ever want: everything from celebs who wear ties to how to tie a tie. In this post we learn the art of tying a classic half Windsor knot.


Who knew it could be so easy! Classic, fun and super chic ties can be worn the traditional way (around the neck) or they can make a fun accessory to any outfit- head scarfs, belts.

Have a tietastic day!
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