Friday, February 19, 2010

That's How I Roll - Anything but plain, please

What I choose to wear day to day is determined by weather I am on my bike or not. When I am on my bike the go to garment has definitely got to be leggings, they are easy to wear, stylish, comfortable and you can still wear your favorite dress or skirt without worrying about giving a free peep show. Having style while I'm on two wheels is pretty important to me and what can I say, I guess I'm a little vain.

That said, I have tons of pairs of the same old plain black leggings and this sent me on a quest to find something a little bit different to break up the monotony of my bike outfits. I scoured Etsy to bring you all my favorite legging finds.

Leather Like Details
available at malu7

These leggings may look like they are just basic black, but this beautiful pair has a great spandex patch detail that looks a little like leather. Unleash your inner bad girl!

Tie it up
Available at MyLolaFashion

I love the dainty tie detail at the bottom of these leggings, super cute! A great pair to wear with a super cool skirt. These leggings will make your outfit stand out above the rest!

Playful with a pop
Available at designsbyamber
If you are looking to add a pop of color to your outfit, these are the leggings to go with! A great vibrant turquoise color with two super cute swallows on the back, a great surprise!

Black and Gold
Available at thrills
I adore these hand painted leggings! The gold detailing is subtle and stunning at the same time. A great way to add a flash of sparkle, super cool!

A touch of Class
Available at malu7

This cute pair has a hint of Missoni behind them. Love it! Would look amazing with a white lace dress or skirt. How awesome are these?

Tattoo like Tights
 Available at post

Alright, so I know these aren't technically leggings but what they are is technically awesome! I love the illusion of having a tattoo on your legs. I'm sure that these get tons of attention when worn. Amazing!

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