Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part 3: Valentine's Day Gift Guide: DIY Style

 This post is all about DIY love style! It may sound cliche but thoughtfulness is a key ingredient for a remembered and cherished gift. What does your beloved love? Try to include these things when making a gift, it adds a personal touch that no greeting card company can match. Keep these things in mind when making your gift or planning your date to create an unforgettable Valentines experience! So here they are- 4 DIY Valentine's Day Ideas:

 Home Made Valentine

(cute homemade valentine found on Vintage Pretties Blog)

Yes, I know just hearing that brings back memories of red construction paper and glitter but not all valentine's day cards have to be the same.  A card can be a one of a kind collage of different pictures and images that your true love adores.

(About.com has DIY instructions for this one here)

To make it more modern, I would recommend not even using a heart shape at all. Include pictures of each other, add humor. Any author that your love loves? Include some passages/ quotes.

(non traditional valentine made by me)

Paint over it, add texture, burn the edges perhaps. Or simply make it goofy. The goal here is to make something special that includes a bit of your personality because that's why you're loved, right?

 Be a poet or borrow a poem

(Poet Lost Memory-Grainger Museum Collection)

Another cliche, but hey, it is a timeless romantic idea. If you aren't a poet at heat you can always share someone else's poetry (given due credit to the author). A great place to find a bunch of great poetry is at Poem Hunter there are literally hundreds of poems to choose from all you really have to do is choose a keyword (i.e. love) and a surplus of savvy poetry will be right at your finger tips.

Cooking Something Sweet with your Sweet!

(Make it together Valentines menu at The Food Network)

There is something about cooking that is extravagantly charming, a great cooked treat or meal is always welcome! This is a great time to choose a menu in advance. Find out what meal makes your valentine's heart tick and make it together! Here is a great menu that is already put together, if that doesn't tickle your fancy there are amazing resources for cooking out there in the abyss of the internet, find one and go for it!

 Have a Picnic!

(photo via La vie Boston)

Indoors or Outdoors. If the weather permits have a picnic outside, a place where you can see the sunset is always incredibly romantic, get a great little wicker basket a bottle of champagne and go from there! If it's rainy outside or too cold for you and your honey a really cute idea is to stage an indoor picnic. Get a blanket and set the scene indoors, set up on the floor. Super cute and unforgettable!

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