Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interior Love: Integrating an Eames Lounge Chair

So, I'm moving into a new place in a few weeks! I am beyond excited, it's a super industrial and super modern style; exactly everything that I am in love with when it comes to modern loft architecture. I have always wanted an Eames lounge chair and I think now is the perfect time to figure out how I will incorporate this into a living type space.

What I am going for as far as the style of this new place is somewhat of a modern eclectic style. I love mid-century modern and also love ultra modern so I'm thinking I want to do a combination of the two with a few eclectic elements i.e. a tiny touch of Victorian.

Went off on a tangent there but after doing much searching on the internet, here are my most favorite integrations of the Eames lounge chair in a living space.

Beautiful integration of lounge chairs





Beautiful Media Areas



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