Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Art of Styling Headshots

Some of the photo shoots I have been working on lately have been headshot shoots. Everyone needs them in LA, so why not?

Headshots require very natural hair and make up, which is good for a change because lately I am really into the 60's cat eye make up, Bridget Bardot look (Love). Make up consists of a neutral color eye shadow, maybe some light eyeliner, mascara, light blush, and some gloss. Super natural.

Same goes with hair. Whatever is natural for the model is usually the best choice for headshots.

As far as styling goes, the clothes in head shots are not supposed to take away from the face; the creativity in this is finding tops that work with the model's skin tones, so anything that is complementary to the skin without taking away from the face is perfect. I am finding that neutral colors work well for headshots!

If you are thinking about getting headshots, take these pointers into consideration before shooting to get an amazing shot. 

Photography by: Aaron Gambel
Actress: Melinda Sward
Make up: Kristen Newton



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