Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top 5 Thrifting Tips

I LOVE thrifting! It's fun, inexpensive and you can find the most awesome and unique things along with peace of mind that you won't see anyone else with the same exact thing. In a time of corporate vintage copycats it's great to know that what you have is most definitely one of a kind. The cool factor doesn't end there, thrifting is green, which adds bonus cool points to your coolness.

Thrifting can be overwhelming- racks and racks of endless clothing, endless possibilities. To make sure you get something that you really want and love you must first have a game plan. Here are some great tips to help your next trip go from stressful to successful.

1) Wear Something Yawn Worthy- The less interesting you look, the less interested people will be in what you're looking at. It sucks to have someone following you around inspecting what you put down- sometimes you want to go back and look at that same thing. My favorite outfit- Super basic jeans and a tee.

2) Go in With a Solid Plan-  So you want to find a shirt? Start in the tops section. It's the best way to go in, otherwise you may loose your focus. Start at one spot and work your way around.

3) You Don't Have to Look Through EVERYTHING! -  The best way is to slowly visually inspect what's on the racks- if there is a color, pattern or cut that you love pick it up and inspect it. This is the best way to find the coolest things!

4) Check for fit- Try things on, just to make sure they fit- it's the best way to make sure you don't waste your cash. Better safe than sorry.

5) Closely inspect your picks- So you've found your ideal top- you love the color and fit. Now you want to make sure there are no fatal flaws. Check for stains, rips and missing buttons or zippers. No flaws? Sweet! you have just purchased your favorite new (used) top!

Happy Thrifting!!
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