Monday, July 19, 2010

Locker Love- part 2

In this blog post I expressed my love for the locker as a storage unit. After looking and looking we found a locker that we really love. Although it hasn't been hard to find a locker unit, it has been hard to find the ideal one. This weekend we went to a shop in Hollywood called Rehab Vintage, it had an amazing mix of refinished industrial metal kind of pieces. This weekend we bought a vintage refinished file cabinet, it's soooo cool!

We talked to the owner of Rehab Vintage and said that he'd search out the perfect piece from his sources. Super Exciting!! In only a matter of time we will have the storage that we've always wanted! yay! I'll give you a photo update when we get the piece!

Our ideal locker unit:
Our new 2 drawer file cabinet looks like these, only smaller

Other cool items that Rehab Vintage carries:
I would really love one of these for the office- they can customize it!

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